Mergozzo's village with its hamlets has a population of approx. 2200 souls and the Lodge

   is situated between the Alps and the Lake District. From this pretty village among other

   things, such as golf, fishing, canoeing, there also  are several walking destinations to choose

    from. The most picturesque is possibly the one that meanders through the woodland  as  one

    can benefit of a constant view of the lake on one side and that of the mountin range on the

    other. On the other hand, if one feels more fit and adventurous, there are mountain tops 

    between 800-2000 meters in altitudes.

    Summer festivals are also held between June and September.

    One can also choose swimming and sunbathing in peaceful sunshine.

    Mergozzo has 3 delicatessen, pizzerias, bars and restaurants. There is also a bank, a post

    office, a surgery, a 13 century church, a small museum and a Tourist Office.

    In other to avoid you arriving unexpectedly and to find nobody  to greet you, please let us

    know when you expect to arrive so that we can welcome you.

                           Contact the Lodge in Mergozzo:

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